It’s been a whirlwind of mood, energy and emotion the last few months, but the seeds are germinating, daffodils blooming, and longer days now upon us.

Storm Otto decided that my Polytunnel was not to survive and snapped in ways unrepairable. After a few hidden moans in the shed, and stomps in the mud, I plodded home to conjure a plan. The next evening, I received an offer moving to a plot a couple of spots down. I was ecstatic. This is a very well maintained, pathed plot that sang of love and care from its previous owners. 

Polytunnel Probs Leading To Better Stuff

Inheriting beautiful heather, and stunning alpines, I’ve learnt of romantic memories and rose bushes lovingly grown. I’ve slotted in my small lavender collection, amongst rows of well-established bushes, and made friends with the visiting cats. There are twigs surrounded by netted cages that I’m hoping will grow into a fruit basket of edibles - it’s all a surprise at this stage. There’s also a trio of compost areas that Monty Don would be proud of. 

First job was to tidy the greenhouse, then establish a good drink and snack position. First lot of potatoes in and transferred some rhubarb from the old plot. First batch of Seedlings showing life include Cucumber, Broad beans, Peas, Tomatoes, Sweetcorn, Pumpkin, Squash and Sweet peas. Seedlings moved from the home windowsills to greenhouse shelving (which my cat is thrilled about, now having a lot more space to watch the street). Summer bulbs have started to go in, and onions set in water to root. 

As the Easter weekend approaches, I have big goals and am bringing in reinforcements, in the form of family members. I’m thinking a pond, and a highly decorated shed? Wish us luck. A new plot to my story in more than one sense.