Best Feet Forward

Daisy spends an hour in Cullercoats - and then shouts 'Viva La Vida'
January 8, 2023

I’ve had something stuck in my head for ages:

When you try your best, but you don't succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse

I’m not a massive Coldplay fan but something about the first verse from Fix You is clearly resonating with me and it doesn’t sit well. I really, really need to sort this internal soundtrack out and get a bit more Rock and Roll on the playlist. Instead of waiting for someone to “fix you” Daisy, get out there and fix yersel’.  So, I’ve decided that I’m going to try a new complimentary or alternative therapy every month of 2023 and see if I can feel more positive, get a great sleep and figure out what I want (“what I really, really want.” Sorry….couldn’t resist that opportunity!).

Best Feet Forward. Reflexology. Jan 2023

Booked it, stressed about getting my feet out, can’t believe the results.

I go to Heaven Therapy in gorgeous Cullercoats on the North East coast religiously where the lovely Courtney keeps me (I mean my eyebrows) in shape and gives me very beautiful French Manicures so I’m always (reverse) peace sign ready for the times that really need it. Courtney is a Senior Therapist and has been telling me how good reflexology is for quite some time. I trust her and finally booked a session.


For a solid hour, I lay in a dark room with the sound of the sea lapping the shore whilst Courtney worked her magic. She worked each part of my feet and I could feel different parts of my body relaxing as she did so. My mind emptied and I believe I could feel the fixing begin. There was a moment when my left big toe was being gently manipulated that I was actually holding back the tears. I can’t say for sure if these were tears of sadness or joy, but something troubling seemed to have left me at that moment. I know this might sound a bit New Age (not New Wave like Duran Duran or Talking Heads) to some people but after this treatment, I definitely felt like Rio must have done when she was cavorting about on that beach in the ‘80’s. I was surprised that at the end of the treatment, Courtney had picked up on so many things about me just from my trotters. She knew I had back problems, sinus problems and suffered from a bit of anxiety.

Courtney explained that I would keep feeling the effects of the session for up to 48 hours. I woke up this morning and she is so right. I am feeling rather euphoric today. I slept better, am in a mental position to face whatever today is going to bring and physically, I feel less tense. I feel like I’ve been frowning for about 10 years and this morning, my resting frown face is relaxed and less strained. Is that an actual smile…?! I’m excited to keep feeling the effects over the next couple of days and have made my appointment for February. I’m definitely feeling a bit more rock and roll now. Adding these to my playlist for today…

Internal Playlist:

1.      Fix You – Coldplay

2.      Wannabe – Spice Girls

3.      Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads

4.      Rio – Duran Duran

5.      Start Me Up – The Rolling Stones

Now, what will I try in February? Any suggestions of what the North has to offer?