Page's Camino de Santiago: Part 1

Our Young Reporters don't do things by halves. They're amazing. Page and her team set off on the Camino recently - and this is her first update.
August 13, 2022

Day 1

Today was a busy day, first we had to get the house ready for Airbnb and I helped out a lot. At 12:30 we went to pick my brother up and then went to Manchester airport to take the plane to Bilbao. It was a long journey. We parked the van at the airport parking and took a bus the rest of the way to the airport. We then went through an hour or two of waiting and through Security. Then the plane was delayed from 6:30pm to 7:10pm, but we had some food, waited a long time. Then after being told to go to Gate 1 (which didn't exist) we went to Gate 3A and got on the plane. 

It was an exciting 2 hour plane flight, and when we got to Bilbao, I couldn't understand anything. We rushed through the airport to meet the owner of the Airbnb we were staying at (she was quite kind). We got to the modern apartment and then went to bed!

The start Of The Journey
La Comida Helada

Day 2

Today we set off, it was beautiful. We went on lots of bridges and I started to get blisters in my new trail shoes. My shoes were tight on the ankle, and I had to change shoes and felt much better. We ate lots of blackberries, they were delicious. And we ate lots of elderberries, which I didn't like much.

After a while, we came across some sloe berries. I tried them and they were so bitter and sour and dried my mouth out. Sadly, Reece dropped his, but he'll try another one. We made our way further and found two stray dogs. They followed us for a while and then when we passed a farmer, they wandered off with her. 

Stray Dogs

We continued to a village which was nice and found some orange fruit which I didn't like. There was a friendly dog in the village.

We continued a few more kilometres and got to a town where we got massive ice creams. Then we continued to a village 1km away from the town (La Arena). This was a village called Pobena and we are now staying in a hostel. I stayed in the top bunk and wrote my diary. Then we went for a paddle on the nearby beach before we went out for our first pilgrim meal. IT was amazing with two pots of soup and steak, chicken and chips and pudding, then we went back and had a sleep.

Page's Pilgrim Meal