Day 3: Camino del Norte

Page's Camino epic continues with a Castle, some Kittens and a Cool Tunnel!
August 28, 2022

Today we woke up bright and early at 7 in the morning. It started off nice and breezy and there were some amazing views. We stopped off to go to a crooked castle on the cliffside. It was very cool. We did a bit of climbing near the sea. We set off from there and it was about 9km away from the city we were staying at.

We got to a small town called Onton and we saw two other people doing the camino stroking and looking at about 8 adorable kittens. After Onton we lost the camino but there were some other pilgrims who helped us find the was along a road and it was very hot, and miserable for all of us.

Camino Views

We got to a small town and stopped at a bar for diet cokes to refresh ourselves. When we continued there were two separate routes: one with no cars and one with cars, we chose the one with no cars. There was an epic tunnel with loads of graffiti art in it and looked really futuristic. The tunnel came out near a city called Castro Urdiales where our hostel was. It was really hot and very hard work by this time. We stopped for something to eat near a church beside the sea then continued to the hostel.  We passed a massive lagoon, and I said to dad that I wanted to come and swim in it. We got to the hostel and had to wait for at least an hour, we took our bags off which was a relief. I fell asleep on the footpath and my dad took a photograph of me! 

When the hostel opened, we got ready to go swimming in the lagoon, which was really pretty and the water was really clear. There were also statues on the rocks next to the lagoon, of children jumping in. When we started swimming in the lagoon, we spotted rocks that looked like little fish or some kind of creature had been living in them. When we came out of the lagoon we went for something to eat and I had a toastie. After that I rang and spoke to mum, then went to bed and wrote my diary!