Day 4 Camino del Norte

Page deploys some exemplary Commando Spirit on day four of her trek
September 1, 2022

Today we set off at twenty to seven. Through last night lots of people were snoring and I couldn't get to sleep. The walk was tiring and it was very roady. We kept walking and we crossed a road (by then we had walked 7km) and then walked on grass for a while and had a short break at a bar with a coca-cola then carried on to a eucalyptus forest, it was a nice forest (and smelt amazing).

We met 3 dogs then strolled on to a town called Islares where we sat down for brunch (our lunch) and then met a black cat with its left eyeball replaced with a blue marble (it had green eyes and was quite friendly). For lunch I had a cheese and ham toastie made with tortilla omelette and a diet coke and then the cat went away because there was no food left.

After that we started on again and past the village and many dogs (or perros in spanish) and a beautiful beach and horrible roads we then had a break at the bottom of a massive hill for a random reason. Then we went up it and then walked again exploring little areas and made our way to a town were dad tried to find a bed and breakfast but couldn't. We moved on and for a while we were walking but then we stopped at a river for a paddle and snack which was very nice. We continued and then went up a massive hill covered in eucalyptus and also had two breaks and had a break and snack (which were oat bars and they had been helping us along the way) as it was very very hot. Then we strolled off down hill into a beautiful valley then onto a path which led us under a road like the motorway and walked for about 1km to a village where we would stay.

It took a while to get to the church area of the village but we got there. We struggled to find the hostel but got help and got there, but sadly they were out of beds but the very kind lady let us sleep in the hall. There were some amazing views and forests that day.