Grace’s Ingleborough and Gaping Gill Adventure

6 Year old Intrepid mountaineer and journalist Grace from Oakworth, yomps up Ingleborough with her Daddy and lots of snacks
August 12, 2022

Over the summer holidays me and my Daddy are going to walk the Yorkshire 3 Peaks. My Daddy carried me up the 3 Peaks before my 1st birthday, so now my challenge is to walk them all before I start year 2 at school, in September 😊

Grace's First Summit of Ingleborough...

I had to get up early in the morning and me and Daddy drove to Daddy’s work, Ingleborough Hall Outdoor Education Centre, in Clapham, we took a lift in the minibus to the gate where we started our journey up the mountain. We didn’t follow any of the main paths up Ingleborough, but we started from a gate. From the gate, we could not even see the top of Ingleborough mountain, but before I started walking, I felt excited as I didn’t know if I would manage to walk all the way to the summit, but I was very determined that I could do it. The journey to the summit of the mountain was mostly uphill, this was mixed up with some flatter parts, which gave me a little rest. Me and Daddy had some sweet and drink stops on the way up when I got a little tired. After the breaks I was ready to carry on the ascent and get to the top. When we were almost at the top, we took a real steep section where we had to do some scrambling. This part was very fun because I love scrambling up rocks and we do this quite a lot as a family, so I am very good at it. The scrambling was not on any of the paths, so it was exciting and extra adventurous. After the scrambling we got too the flat top of Ingleborough, and I saw the trig point in the distance. Me and Daddy had a race to see who could touch it first – I ran fast but Daddy ran a little bit faster so beat me, but only just!

When I touched the trig point, I felt overjoyed and really proud of myself for getting to the summit and achieving the first part of my summer 3 Peaks Challenge. On the way up the mountain, there were times when it was tricky but I felt really glad that I had carried on and REACHED THE TOP! Daddy was really proud of me as well. At the trig point, I recreated the same photo from when I was a baby - last time I was here. Me and Daddy also took a selfie and pictures of each other stood right on the very top of the trig point. As a well-done treat, me and Daddy had 2 jammy dodgers each, we had these in the middle of the crossed bench shelter.

The Second Summit!

We started our descent down the mountain and Daddy suggested that we went to Little Ingleborough too, I agreed and was happy to do that as well. We came down Ingleborough a different way to what we had climbed up to make it more interesting. It was much easier to comedown the mountain, but we soon had to a short climb again to reach Little Ingleborough. On our walk down from the trig point we passed different groups of people who were still walking up the mountain, we said hello and many of them chatted to us and said well done to me for getting all the way to the top. When we got to Little Ingleborough, we saw some soldiers from the Army – they were sitting down, having a rest like we had done on the way up! We had another snack before we continued down the mountain. Our decent from Little Ingleborough was really really steep and we both had to walk very carefully. We saw some more soldiers walking up Little Ingleborough as we were coming down and making our way towards Gaping Gill, which we could see in the distance. I saw loads of slugs! They were all the same type, long and black.

Dad Jonathan and his Young Reporter/Adventurer/Superstar

We stopped at Gaping Gill and had a picnic lunch – I had a ham sandwich, a bag of cheeky monkey crisps, an orange and a chocolate bar. During lunch, Daddy told me about Gaping Gill and how it is 365 feet deep, with lots of cave passages below that Mummy and Daddy had explored. After lunch, we crossed the stream and spent time looking for fossils in the limestone. We also threw some stones in the water but we were very careful that they didn’t go into the cave. We then looked down the huge drop where the water flowed in to Gaping Gill. It was dark and gloomy and I could hear the water rushing. We had to be very very careful and not get too close to the edge of Gaping Gill. After Gaping Gill, we carried on our walk along the rocks and down the path towards Trow Gill. This was another rocky scramble down and we had to be very careful again. Eventually, along the path, Daddy asked if I knew where we were, and I did. We were at Ingleborough Show cave, where I go to see Santa each year before Christmas. We then carried on our walk along to the Elves’ workshops and I could hear them! Even in August! We then had our final little bit of uphill to do and it was really steep, but nothing a handful of sweets couldn’t help with.

We walked through a farm and then down the final little bit to get to the village of Clapham and our finishing point. To celebrate our amazing accomplishment, we had a big treat in the new café in Clapham, I had a Biscoff brownie and Daddy had a chocolate brownie and coffee. I enjoyed my rest and my brownie and felt really proud of myself. Daddy was very proud of me too, and we sent a picture of our brownies to Mummy – she was rather jealous! Me and Daddy are already looking forward to the next mountain adventure.