Granny’s Getting The Band Back Together

York's favourite Madam is on her way
November 24, 2022

When we think about York royalty we’re obviously not talking the Prince of Andrew – (although he’d be right-at-home in a panto. Maybe The Prince and the Pizza? – speak to my agent).

Sorry…where was I..? Oh yes…forgive me being a bit giddy,(perhaps like a ‘Goose’)…but it is only sixteen more sleeps (as at 24/11/22) until Christmas starts proper – with HRH Berwick Kaler and his Merry Band raising the curtain on York’s Grand Opera House  pantomime ‘The Adventures of Old Granny Goose’.

For the record: You need to know I’m not simply trotting out some press-release hyperbole here - I.Was.On.The.Stage.With.Berwick recently - and Martin Barrass, Suzy Cooper, AJ Powell and David Leonard –the other members of the A Team who are going to light-up York this Christmas for us all. It was incredible. I do this for you, readers.

For 4 decades audiences in the city have been loving Dame Kaler’s antics – but this could be Berwick’s greatest theatrical challenge to date: he somehow has to channel an OAP who yearns to be young and beautiful again. How this ever-youthful treader of the boards will do that – we’ll find out on opening night, which is 10th December.

Someone else who clearly enjoys a daily pint of ‘Eternal Youth IPA’ is Ms Cooper, who I encountered dressed as the Fairy of my dreams. I even found myself in charge of her magic wand for a time. (Obviously I wasn’t selfish – and wished for world peace and an abundance of global love and understanding.) 

I’m not allowed to tell you too much, other than larger-than-life David Leonard is likely to make a bit of a devil of himself, while Pixi and Elfred, are bound to have all the answers when they hit 18. I know my kids did.

So be quick – and get your tickets booked for the only event this winter that will momentarily let you forget that we all feel we are actually starring in a panto every day.

We’re guaranteed lots of good versus evil, hilarious antics, jaw-dropping special effects, sensational songs and the obligatory boos and hisses for us all to enjoy. See you there!

Click HERE for tickets and info.

The Adventures Of Old Granny Goose runs 10 December to 8 January