Northern Research Into Social Exclusion Wins CIHT Award

Transport for the North (TfN) look closely at the societal impact of transport-related exclusion
June 16, 2023

Transport for the North (TfN) has scooped the “Research Initiative of the Year” award at the prestigious 2023 CIHT Awards ceremony. 

The team behind the research have been recognised for their work on transport-related social exclusion (TRSE) in the North of England which found that more than 3 million people in the North are at risk of social exclusion, as a result of poor transport services. 

TRSE means being unable to access opportunities, key services, and community life as much as needed, and facing major obstacles in everyday life through the wider impacts of having to travel. Research tells us that high levels of car dependency remains the key driver of TRSE in the North.  

To help combat TRSE, Transport for the North and its partners across the North have developed a Connecting Communities Strategy – the first regional strategy for achieving a more effective, equal, and inclusive transport system for all. Significantly reducing transport-related social exclusion is also one of the three strategic ambitions at the core of TfN’s revised Strategic Transport Plan that is currently out for consultation - and all members of the public are encouraged to contribute towards.

The CIHT awards is an annual global competition for the Highways and Transport sector. It showcases and celebrates the outstanding achievements and contributions made by Highways and Transportation professionals. 

Martin Tugwell

MartinTugwell, Chief Executive of Transport for the North, said:  “This is a tremendous achievement for TfN, and we are delighted to receive the recognition. It is a ground-breaking piece of work for us, as it serves to highlight how access to transport remains one of the biggest barriers to individuals and communities realising their potential.  

“We want everyone to have a transport network that delivers access to good quality work and education opportunities and enables travel for leisure.  

“It was also fantastic for our Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) work to make the shortlist in the same ‘Research Initiative of the Year’ category, and it is pleasing to see TfN’s work in this area being shared more widely.” 

While recognition and awards are valuable - it is transferring the data gathered and the challenges identified into positive action - that will impact Northerners most.