Student Life In Liverpool: A Guide To The City's Music And Arts Scene

Immerse yourself in Liverpool's student culture with our guide to the city's dynamic art and music scene.
February 21, 2023

Ask anyone, anywhere, about Liverpool and one of the first things they will say is about the music scene.

Whether that’s the Cavern Club, the Beatles, music festivals or events venues, this city has a strong association with music and the arts.

If you want to enjoy some music and culture while you’re studying in Liverpool, you’re in luck. They have some of the best venues anywhere in the country!

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Here are just a few:

Music Venues:

Music is everywhere in Liverpool. We work, study and relax to the beat and these venues are some of the best in town for music.

The Cavern Club

The Cavern Club on Mathew Street is probably the most famous club in Liverpool. It has been around for almost 75 years and has seen and heard everything. The iconic brick arches have seen everyone and continue to play host to a wide range of performers from across genres.

While it’s a mistake to think Liverpool is only The Cavern Club, there’s no doubt it’s a large part of our musical heritage that is still as good today as it was years ago.

The Jacaranda & Phase One

The Jacaranda & Phase One on Slater Street has quite the reputation. The Jacaranda was apparently where the Beatles first performed in the city and continues that legacy today with an eclectic mix of bands playing regularly.

It’s a mixture of record shop, coffee shop, courtyard hangout and events venue. It is achingly cool and hosts performers of all kinds.


The enigmatically named EBGBs (pronounced heebie jeebies) on Seel Street is a basement club in the city. It’s another venue with a lot of history and is known for rock n’ roll, rock, alternative and dance music.

The venue is split into two rooms and is a no-frills club that is all the better for it. It’s edgy, energetic and hosts some seriously good performers.

The Arts Club

The Arts Club is down the road from The Cavern Club on Seel Street. It has a completely different vibe, with a more contemporary cool. There are several rooms in the club that was once the Royal Institute of Arts and Science. It’s a great place to go and still has lots of original features.

The Arts Club manages to combine old and new, heritage and modern comfortably and is a great place for a student night out in Liverpool.

The Olympia

The Olympia on West Derby Road is a much grander venue. It’s a purpose-built theatre with genuine heritage. It’s a truly impressive building that plays host to everything from reggae nights to wrestling and literally everything in between.

You’ll need to pick your night but there’s so much going on at The Olympia that you’ll end up visiting it at least a few times while you’re at uni in Liverpool.

Studio 2

Studio 2 on Parr Street is a cool music venue everyone must visit while in the city. If you like jazz, blues and swing music, Studio 2 will probably become your second home. It’s a superb place to spend a night with likeminded people sipping gin and enjoying live music.

Studio 2 won’t be for everyone, but everyone should spend an evening here at least once!

Art Galleries:

Liverpool isn’t just about the music. The arts are well represented here too.

Here are just a few of the many venues you might like to visit while you’re studying in Liverpool.

Walker Art Gallery

Walker Art Gallery on William Brown Street is regarded as one of the best art galleries in Europe. Spend any time there and you’ll see why. There’s a little bit of everything there, paintings, sculpture, contemporary, classical and a whole lot more.

The Walker Art Gallery has a coffee shop to keep you fuelled and is just a few minutes’ walk from our Marybone and Baltic student halls.

Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool is one of the city’s most famous venues, set in Royal Albert Dock. The setting gets you in the mood while the building itself clinches the deal. The Tate has plenty of art, loads of installations and manages to deliver an awesome cultural experience without being pretentious.

There’s a little bit of everything here, from classic to modern and some of the exhibitions can be incredible. The Tate also offers a student discount. Bonus!

Tate Liverpool


FACT, on Wood Street is a mixture of cinema and art gallery, all set within a modern building. It’s more a media centre than an art gallery but there’s always plenty of art here, including immersive displays and traditional gallery experiences.

FACT manages to mix Eurovision exhibitions with sculpture with live performances. Something very few venues manage to pull off.


Output on Seel Street is a more modest experience but is no less impressive. It is dedicated to showcasing local artists and regularly has exhibitions from known and unknown artists from across the region.

Output is a cool space that always manages to surprise. It also has a radio station, which is great for relaxing after a long day in class.

dot-art Gallery

The dot-art Gallery on Queen Avenue is regarded as ‘the people’s gallery’. It highlights local artists and regularly has accessible art, at prices even a student can afford. That alone makes this gallery worth visiting.

The space is a typical gallery, large, open, white walls and minimal distraction from the art. It’s still relaxed and a great place to spend time.

Liverpool’s Music and Arts Scene

This is just a fraction of the music and arts venues in Liverpool. We just don’t have the page space to include them all but we recommend checking out as many as you can while you’re a student here.

Some offer free entry while others have student discounts. Either way, it’s time or money well spent!

This article was researched and written by the team at Sanctuary Students, a student accommodation provider in Liverpool.