The Effects Of War

Women’s experience of the conflict in Ukraine
March 6, 2023

A powerful piece of theatre about the war in Ukraine is to be staged at Keswick’s Theatre by the Lake on Saturday (March 11).

The series of monologues, presented in a one-woman show in English and Ukrainian, has been created by Ukrainians living in the North West. It was originally seen at The Lowry in Salford.

There are eight documentary stories, directed by Yurii Radionov and performed by Shorena Shoniia, in UKRLAND,which aims to be an honest conversation about the war in Ukraine.

Shorena Shoniia, known for her work in film (No Step Back, Secret Love) and theatre (Juliet and Romeo, Lesya Ukrainka Theatre), works with each story to reveal to the viewer the full range of emotions of a woman in an inhuman war: a girl, sister, mother, friend, wife, neighbour, grandmother. Raped, mutilated, killed… but unconquered.

They are stories of strong and loving women who will cross hundreds of roads and lead their children to their land - UKRLAND - where there will be no evil, but a strong spirit, culture and love.

Developed with support from The Lowry, UKRLAND is a compelling theatre production which showcases brand-new texts from members of the Ukrainian Playwrights Theatre who share the very real, human experiences that so many are facing at the moment in Ukraine.

Yurii Radionov and Shorena Shonia - two highly skilled theatre-makers - fled their home city of Kyiv, Ukraine in June  last year.

Two languages are used in the performance – Ukrainian and English. For ease of understanding, Ukrainian subtitles are used for English scenes, and English subtitles for Ukrainian ones.

For details and tickets CLICK HERE