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Vintage Threads Lands In Manchester Stores 

“We truly believe that there are already enough clothes in the world to keep us looking great and feeling comfortable"
August 7, 2023

UK’s most loved, leading vintage and reworked clothing retailer, Vintage Threads, has now expanded to Manchester Trafford Centre and Manchester Exchange Selfridges stores with the aim to continue to drive real change in the fashion industry. After being the best performing brand in Selfridges London designer studio, VT is set to have the same impact on Manchester. Manchester is the first city VT has expanded to and is crucial to the start of their nationwide expansion, due to it being a hub of fashion and a vibrant city. 

Freddie Rose, Co-Founder and Owner of Vintage Threads commented: “Being in London Selfridges is already a dream come true and for us to be able to expand to both Manchester Selfridges store is so exciting. We truly believe that there are already enough clothes in the world to keep us looking great and feeling comfortable with many generations to come. Vintage Threads is all about using what we have already in the world and giving it a second life.” 

Vintage Threads Founders Freddie Rose and Charlie Oxley
Vintage Threads Founders Freddie Rose And Charlie Oxley

Vintage Threads provides a wide range of handpicked clothing, offering highly curated vintage designer, sports, and streetwear to ensure that any fashion lover can fit out their whole wardrobe with pre-loved items, that tailor to all manners of style and preferences. From vintage Nike jumpers and Carhartt jackets to Prada sunglasses and Fendi jeans, everyone is able to find their fit. Every piece is authenticated, washed, steamed, and graded before reaching the stores, to provide the best experience and purchase. 

In 2019, Vintage Threads went on to found the VT Rework brand to help drive the business further towards its zero-waste mission. VT Rework uses damaged or unloved original vintage materials. VT Rework has rapidly become a huge hit with customers around the world including Ariana Grande, Emma Chamberlain and ASAP Nast, and it’s been revolutionary to see the response to the service from customers across their current Selfridges stores and Seven Dials. To date, Vintage Threads have recycled up to 10,000 items of clothing, reducing not only landfill but also millions of litres of water that it takes to produce a single cotton t-shirt.  

Vintage Threads Jacket

Head to the store to check out all their amazing vintage clothes or to get your next festival piece reworked. The collections feature curated pieces from 80s, 90s and early 00s designer, sports, and streetwear. Vintage Threads stock a wide range of vintage styles and sizes from 80s designer pieces to Y2K styles and 00s tech-wear.  

Editors Note: Emma M-P wishes to make it clear that she purchased the YSL jacket she wore on a date with a Mancunian DJ/Producer on Saturday night, back in 1995 - and hasn't received inducements from any retailer!