About Us:

Mag North is a platform for cultural agency which celebrates the people of Northern England and their creative economy.

What does this mean?

We’re excited about the North – about pioneering artists, chefs, outdoor instructors, designers, all who understand that the North has a distinct voice. We understand that this voice is part of a massive shift forward in social and global awareness happening right now. A shift that audiences are hungry to be part of. Mag North is here to connect the two.

The human element of culture…

We aim to inspire – and what is more inspiring than a real person’s success? Mag North represents the human element of culture across Northern England. The individuals – whether they work alone, as collectives, or within established organisations; we are showcasing fresh talent with new ideas and established talent reinventing traditional narratives, ways of doing, of seeing.

A new narrative…

We also want to bring new faces to our readers. Events, art, food, music and more, from individuals and communities who have never done this before, who exist in the blind-spot of long-established culture journals. Our interest is culture they are creating themselves, not experiencing ready-made and brought in by others. Mag North is about accessing culture; about joining the conversation, whether you’re speaking up for the first or thousandth time.

Along the way we’ll laugh… because if we can’t have fun bringing you the best bits of the North, then we’re not doing it right!

Who Are We Looking For?

Yes, we want to hear about ground-breaking projects, grass-roots events or that incredible new voice on the scene, but we ALSO want to hear about fresh angles on the established. Do you work with a ‘traditional’ culture organisation that are engaging with a totally new audience, or maybe your best friend is involved with a minority group reinventing their own narrative. Your ex-band mate might be disrupting the jazz scene in Bradford… we want to hear from him.

Here at Mag North we passionately believe that if we show what individuals can do, we will broaden what is actually considered ‘Culture’ at the same time as making it more accessible to those who might have previously felt excluded, or simply not known how to ‘break in’. It’s the ‘how did they get there? And ‘why are they doing…?’ as inspiration

Of course, we’re also your guide to what’s happening in the best half of the country…but we didn’t actually say that.


After a career in leadership and education, Colin had the opposite of a mid-life crisis - deciding to become a journalist and launch a magazine concerned with the important social, natural and cultural stories that matter to us in the North. Unafraid of challenging authority, sometimes irreverent and always committed to equality of opportunity and widening participation, he’s passionate about telling the stories of Northerners who sometimes struggle to have their voice heard.


Poet; mother; resident of Cumbria and Arctic Norway; happiest outdoors. Melissa is regularly reffered to as a trailblazer. Her first collection of poetry was published in 2023 and forged the path that led her to the helm of Mag North. Via a career in cancer care, acupuncture, creative facilitator and travel writer, Melissa has explored the nooks of the North and continues to be inspired by the region everyday. As Creative Director her personal passion will come when hunting out grass-roots galleries in rural corners and micro-businesses challenging mass production!


Gabe is our designer, visionary and tech guy. He’s been to the South - but says the water tastes better up here - so he came home. Never far from a mountain bike, he often astonishes us with statements like: “I want to make stuff that’s better - and unique - and obviously human”.


History aficionado, always up for seeing some ancient artefacts or ruins, particularly an abbey, or two, or 100. Our new Features Editor is ultimately curious about the world and the people in it. Evie likes to sink her teeth into a subject and spread the word about why it should and does matter to you. In a nutshell; chatterbox, broader talker than most, with more books than your local library and a very noisy dachshund sidekick.