About Us

Like lots of ideas (some of which are actually quite good), Mag North was born while four people who possibly should know better, enjoyed a pint and a hot beef sandwich in a pub, following an exhilarating day tramping around the Whin Sill at High Cup Gill.

There was lots of chat about all the creative-types they know, all the cool stuff happening across the North that often doesn’t get championed, how hard it is to find something online that’s engaging, funny and honest – and shines a light on the amazing people and places in our midst. With quite a number of years’ experience in print journalism, the arts, community engagement and music around the table, it was at that moment the embryonic Mag North was born.

The Mag-North 'Bothy'.
So who are we? What are we?

The adjective is cooperative. Mag North is about providing a platform for people to tell their stories. Alongside talking about our established cultural organisations and institutions, we’re committed to celebrating diversity, the under-reported, emerging artists, social activism, positivity, fish and chips –and what it is that matters to you.

2022 has already hammered-home that regardless of who we are – or where we’re from – we’re all part of something much bigger: and hearing the stories and understanding the lives, hopes and dreams of everyone in the North (and beyond), can only be a good thing.

We’ve already met and worked with numerous amazing people: each one eager to be just understood. And listened to. From Captains of Warships, to Iranian Refugees – and from Global Explorers – to Foster Carers and Adoptive Parents. Everyone has a story that deserves to be heard.

Our brilliant team of writers, photographers and creatives are rooted in the North, from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Bootle, from Beverley to Blitterlees and just like our readers, are independent, curious, engaged, informed – and always looking for regional news and views ahead of the crowd. Let’s unashamedly drop some names:
Running man Boff Whalley, The inspirational Sarah Waddington, Manchester’s leading Hack Pete Divine, Henna Mahmood, (who’s the sort of northerner we all aspire to be), Eileen Jones, Stephen Kelly, Laura Burrows – and Northern Champion Brian Groom have already signed up for our collective.

Based in a ‘Bothy’, on a hillside in Nidderdale, North Yorkshire – we will definitely invite you ‘round and put the kettle on, if you love the North. If you love Art and Culture. If you’re interested in people’s stories. If you’re slightly irreverent. If you understand what happens globally, impacts us here. If you love our amazing Northern cities. If you love our majestic Northern countryside. If your heart yearns to be near the sea. If you want to know you’re being listened to. If you’re a thinker. If you’re a do-er.

At Mag North we understand that we’re only a tiny part of something bigger – and our mission is to shine a light on the bigger stuff that you want to hear about. Because this is your Mag North.

Colin Petch - Editor.