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Mag North: Art. Culture. People. Places.

‘Independent Cultural Journalism for the North of England. What is that?’

As we’re about to celebrate our first birthday at Mag North, the adjective is still very much cooperative. Mag North is about providing a platform for people to tell their stories. Alongside talking about our established cultural organisations and institutions, we’re committed to celebrating diversity, the under-reported, emerging artists, social activism, positivity, fish and chips – and what it is that matters to you.

From a ‘traditional’ art and culture perspective - many people, often including artists themselves, prefer to emphasise the intrinsic value of art, rather than its economic or social benefits. As a result the most innovative and life-changing creative work happening in our own communities is often under-reported or overlooked.

Talking (loudly) about the social and economic impacts of such work helps make the case for public resources and policies that benefit the arts and influence policy makers and builds audiences. Good Cultural Journalism is now an expanded offering which should highlight the relationships between Arts, Literature and Culture, into News, Business, Comment, Opinion, Travel and Lifestyle.

But most importantly: People.

Mag North will always tell you about the very best opera occurring on our patch. We will stop and celebrate Friday night Salsa Dancing on Liverpool's Pierhead. We will try our very best to share the experience with you of watching seals and wading birds at St Mary’s Island with Maurice, Mel and Sal, because we love it.

But we’re really inspired, overwhelmed and driven by people like Susan, Caroline and Aimee from Wigan Brick. And York DJ and artist Ginger Slice. And Enough Is Enough Tyneside’s Declan Mulholland. And Bolton paddler Anna Stishova. And Kate, Mash, Zara and Ben, who are doing the most amazing stuff in Pendle.

Regardless of who we are – or where we’re from – we’re all part of something much bigger: and hearing the stories and understanding the lives, hopes and dreams of everyone in the North (and beyond), can only be a good thing.

We’re based in a ‘Bothy’ on a hillside in Nidderdale, North Yorkshire – but you’ll also find us in Hull and Crosby, Carlisle and Berwick.

We will definitely invite you ‘round and put the kettle on, if you love the North. If you love Art and Culture. If you’re interested in people’s stories. If you’re slightly irreverent. If you understand what happens globally, impacts us here. If you love our amazing Northern cities. If you love our majestic Northern countryside. If your heart yearns to be near the sea. If you want to know you’re being listened to. If you’re a thinker. If you’re a do-er.

At Mag North we understand that we’re only a tiny part of something bigger – and our mission is to shine a light on the bigger stuff that you want to hear about.

Because we are your Mag North.
Colin Petch, MagNorth's Editor in chief
Colin Petch - Editor