'CLOSURE' - Debut EP From Polyvinyl Drops Next Month

Post-Punk crosses the Tyne on 8 September
Dan James
August 1, 2023

Polyvinyl are a female-fronted five-piece post-punk new-wave indie-rock-ish band from South Tyneside. Formed in 2021, they've had a busy couple of years. From releasing three genre-defying singles and an accompanying music video, to hosting a sold-out headline at Newcastle's Head of Steam, Polyvinyl have always had a finger on the pulse of expressionism in the city. But now the band look introspectively to explore their own emotions in their debut EP, "CLOSURE".

Speaking about the upcoming release, singer and frontwoman Hannah says: "The EP addresses the stages of grief one by one - 5 songs, 5 emotions. While each song lives in its own world, they all come together to further the narrative."


The notion of grief is explored throughout the EP, both in lyrical content and musicality, beginning with denial in "Headlights", then shifting to anger with the blisteringly punk-inspired 'Modern Art People', bargaining with their anthemic single 'Nirvana Now', and depression with the self-reflective ballad 'Blind' before finally coming round to acceptance with their indie-pop lead single 'It's Raining Somewhere Else'. "CLOSURE" takes listeners on the protagonist's journey through their grief, giving each of the previously released singles added context through narrative tracks 'Intro' and 'Goodbye'.

Whilst the band takes their music seriously, they aren't afraid of taking risks with a more tongue-in-cheek approach to live performances. "We really want to give people a reason to come to our shows," drummer Jamie posits, "not just for music, but for the visuals and the entertainment value too - why see someone live if they just play the songs? A show should be a show!"

Polyvinyl eating popcorn

Previous performances have been testament to that, featuring over-the-top satirical hosts, intriguing set design, and entrance music.Their EP launch show will be no different. Taking to the stage at North Shields' Three Tanners Bank on 9th September, the band promises to impress and offer their audience an altogether unique experience - dressing the venue with umbrellas and offering free tickets to anyone who turns up in a suit (as per their own on-stage dress code).

The EP announcement is a clear indicator that Polyvinyl are thinking bigger and are honing their new wave, post-punk sound.

"CLOSURE" is out on 8th September 2023.