Invisible Women - Newcastle. Yvonne Rainer Doublebill

New York avant-garde comes to Newcastle
Invisible Women
April 26, 2024

At 15.00 on Sunday 28 April, feminist film collective Invisible Women (a feminist film collective based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, dedicated to reinserting women into the history of cinema through screenings, events and editorial) - bring Yvonne Rainer: A Double Bill to Tyneside Cinema.

Yvonne Rainer, who turns 90 this year, is a queen of the New York avant-garde and one of the world’s most significant trailblazing feminist filmmakers. Straddling the worlds of dance, performance art and film, her work breaks boundaries in all directions, both in terms of subject matter (she constantly takes on challenging subjects such as menstruation, the menopause, female aging, sexual desire and queer identity) and form (her films are playful hybrid fusions of documentary, autobiography and fiction).

Image from 'Privilege' - the Yvnne Rainer film

This event offers a rare chance to see her work, in beautiful new restorations on the big screen in the North East. The programme also features two of our personal favourites from her back catalogue. In Kristina Talking Pictures (1976) Rainer pushes at the limits of narrative cinema, building a deliberately disjointed, thrillingly odd riposte to conventional Hollywood storytelling.

That same spirit of anarchic invention is at work in Privilege (1990) a playful, genuinely boundary-pushing movie which uses the menopause as a jumping-off point to open up a wide ranging intersectional discussion.

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