SAA-UK Presents Sangeet Mahotsav At Leeds Conservatoire

Spending a dreamy summer evening basking in the beautiful melodies of South Asian classical music.
Mag North
July 19, 2023

After 25 years of facilitating the expression of traditional and contemporary South Asian arts, SAA-uk is thrilled to announce the musical showcase, Sangeet Mahotsav. The event takes place on 22nd July (Saturday), from 7:30 to 9:30 PM at Leeds Conservatoire.  

Sangeet Mahotsav features young people from Leeds and Yorkshire who are learning the art of South Asian music at SAA-uk music academies. This momentous occasion will allow these talented students to showcase their creativity, talent and cultural heritage to a live audience, providing them with a unique and exciting experience.  

For these young students and parents, this showcase is a proud celebration of their cultural heritage and identity. It also demonstrates SAA-uk's commitment for South Asian music to have a presence within the British music scene. Joining the students in this celebration is former SAA-uk alumni and award-winning sitarist, Jasdeep Singh Degun. Fresh from the successful UK and European tour for his debut album Anomaly, Jasdeep returns to SAA-uk as a role model for the aspiring students. “In our culture, you're always a student…we have the guru-shishya (teacher-disciple) tradition that emphasises lifelong learning, endless exploration, and creative growth in music, fostering continuous growth and discovery”, says Jasdeep.

The Lord Mayor of Leeds, Councillor Al Garthwaite will join others at the event and will open the musical showcase. The Lord Mayor's unwavering support stands as a truly remarkable gesture, recognising and honouring SAA-uk's invaluable contribution to the tapestry of culture and art. It is a celebration of our enduring commitment to enriching the vibrant heritage of the past while embracing the spirit of the future, epitomising the essence of the year of culture. Through fostering access to culture and art, SAA-uk champion diversity and inclusivity at their music academy, nurturing a profound sense of belonging for all students. In this collaborative pursuit, the city, supported by the Lord Mayor, is being elevated to new heights of cultural prosperity. Leeds is without doubt a city where culture thrives, and the collective identity is celebrated.

Sangeet Mahotsav holds even greater significance as SAA-uk has consistently strived to break down racial and gender barriers within the music industry. With an inclusive and supportive teaching programme, many students who have been part of the organisation's music academy history have shattered stereotypes - particularly for female musicians. Notably, internationally performing artist Sukhmani Rayat learned tabla at SAA-uk and has become one of the world's few females to play this traditional South Asian instrument.  

Music enthusiasts, supporters of the arts, and the wider community are invited to witness the exceptional talent showcased at Sangeet Mahotsav. This event is a testament to the dedication, passion, and impact of SAA-uk in nurturing South Asian arts in the region.  

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