Selby: It's Block Party 3

The exciting third phase of Selby in Minecraft ‘Block Party 3’ is launched
Emma Moore-Palmer
March 1, 2023

Selby's Block Party 3 is the visually stunning imaginative experience that enables Minecrafters to experience the town in highly creative ways - including flying through the Abbey’s towers, travelling up the River Ouse and exploring the historic streets.  

Even more people are invited to get involved this year to help shape the Selby Minecraft map. This will include hands-on drop in fun days and builds, workshops with local schools and Selby College and the launch of a new online Selby Minecraft Club.

Selby From Above - In Minecraft
Selby From Above

The party starts with a FREE drop in family workshop on Wednesday 15 February at Selby Abbey from 10.30am to 3pm. Older children can explore Selby Abbey in Minecraft in short sessions on laptops, whilst younger ones can learn how to craft their own papercraft Minecraft blocks and play with Lego. No booking is required.

The Selby Block Party 3 Minecraft Map is being created by professional Minecraft artist and digital noodler Adam Clarke from The Common People. He’s also known as popular youtuber - Wizard Keen. He’s working alongside John Wright who has a background in music, composition, Minecraft production and creating captivating educational workshops.  

The innovative initiative is part of Selby Stories - the cultural programme for the Selby High Street Heritage Action Zone. Special events and activities are celebrating the town, its history and what makes it unique. Selby is one of more than 60 high streets in the country to receive a share of funding from Historic England, along with funding from Selby District Council.  

Adam Clarke explains: We had fantastic fun creating the Selby Minecraft world last year and welcoming people of all ages let their creativity run wild. This year is about expanding Selby in Minecraft and working with even more people to create new and exciting adventures. It’s all about the people of Selby creating the worlds that they want to explore. We’re also taking inspiration from the fabulous Selby Stories that have been shared with writer in residence, Sarah Butler and the intricate details that have shaped the tiny embroideries of textile artist Serena Partridge.”

A Minecraft Drop-In Day At Selby Abbey
A Minecraft Drop-In Day At Selby Abbey

Cllr Tim Grogan, Lead Executive Member for Health and Culture at Selby District Council adds: “This is an exciting way to get young people to explore the history and heritage of Selby through the Minecraft universe. The first sessions, were hugely popular and these latest workshops will quite literally build on their success! It also highlights how the Selby’s High Street Heritage Action Zone is celebrating the town and delivering vibrant activities for local people.”

Jane Jackson, from Historic England, said: “This is a fantastic, imaginative way for people of all ages to explore Selby for themselves. It’s a great example of the innovative way that the High Street Heritage Action Zone is helping to celebrate the rich history of the town and spark interest in its heritage in many different, innovative ways.”

Schools who would like to get involved in the project can email More information about the Selby Minecraft club will be launched in the Spring.

Details of events and how to access Selby in Minecraft can be found HERE