This Is Right Up Our Street: The Doncaster Festival Of Light

Pushing boundaries that the community can be proud of
Andrew Mitchell
November 28, 2023

Right Up Our Street are back, until the 3 December, with their fifth Doncaster Festival of Light, in the sumptuous surroundings of Doncaster Minster.

The Doncaster Festival of Light is a free cultural event for the community of Doncaster; pushing boundaries and delivering a unique high-quality event that the community can all be proud of. The aims of the Festival are connecting audiences to joy, embracing experiences and participatory moments.

Doncater Festival of Light

This year Right Up Our Street are showcasing three artworks inside the Minster from Universal Everything, collective of media artists, experienced designers and future makers. The three works on show in Doncaster Minster are:


Transfiguration explores the concept of evolution through a never-changing walking figure that undergoes transformative shifts, mirroring our emotional dynamics. Rooted in elemental themes of fire, rock, and water, the figure evolves as it walks, with stone footsteps resonating as metal, liquid, and wood. The journey unfolds like a primal reconstruction of life, familiar yet larger than life itself. The immersive sound design enhances the experience, creating a sense of colossal realism, as if witnessing the geological building blocks of life taking shape before our eyes.

Transfiguration 1
Transfiguration 1

Future You

Future You is an interactive digital mirror that unveils a synthetic representation of the viewer, springing to life only upon activation. The artwork responds dynamically to the viewer's movements, with its reactions becoming increasingly eccentric and thrilling based on the viewer's exertion. With 47,000 potential variations in its robotic shape and form, each interaction produces a distinct and unique reflection of the viewer's movements. As the allotted time for each individual concludes, this joyful techno mirror collapses, concluding the interactive experience.

Into The Sun
Into The Sun

Into the Sun

Into the Sun is an interactive artwork that engages viewers by responding to their movements in a natural landscape. The installation comes to life as plants germinate and mimic the viewer's actions, with stems and leaves bending towards them, altering the digital sun and manipulating the accompanying sound. The piece embodies the concept of 'Komorebi,' capturing the enchanting play of sunlight through tree leaves during early morning or late afternoon.

The Doncaster Festival of Light runs each evening until 3 December from 5pm - 9pm

You can book your tickets for the Festival of Light HERE.